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By Author Rae Lee


Rae Lee Presents

Meet Rae Lee

Rae Lee is a writer and children’s author. Rae Lee focuses on the importance of what a book can do to a child’s mind. Reading can open many areas such as creativity, imagination, discovering, exploring, and understanding. Rae Lee enjoys writing, traveling, and being with family.

The Inspiration

I was inspired after watching a truck pass by in traffic. I wondered aloud about the big truck, asking where are you going, and my daughter repeated the question. We had an in-depth discussion on the importance of trucks. Trucks are such a big part of our economy that I wanted to highlight them for children.

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Big Truck Big Truck explores the world of trucks. He finds a fun and unique way to help children learn the various type of trucks they see on the road. Big Truck Big Truck loves to explore those things and encourages children to learn and go on journey with him.

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