Meet Rae Lee

Rae Lee was born and raised in the Midwest. She discovered her love for reading after realizing how words connect and tell a story.  Writing became a natural ability as the words began to flow from pen to paper into poems and stories. She spent most of her adolescence going to the local libraries, art museums, and science centers. Many authors and poets inspired her such as:  Morrison, Dickinson, Angelou, Hurston, Wright, Frost, Hughes, Patterson, Baldwin, Poe, Douglass, and Yeats. These influences opened a door in Rae Lee that led to a passion for writing to marry words. Creating its own language, dance, and love that when they are spoken or read an eloquent symphony emerges. 

Giving a book to a child will help them with achieving three things…reading, learning, and a future.

In this life, celebrate small achievements big, and big achievements grandly.


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